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Bringing Order To Shipping Data Management Chaos

SupplyChainBrain Editor-In-Chief, Bob Bowman, Interviews Enveyo's Co-Founder & CTO, John Errebo, on the complexities of shipping data management and how organizations can better manage and leverage their data to drive shipping program efficiencies and reduce costs.

Proper shipping data management for organizations is critical as companies continue to work towards reducing shipping costs and increasing customer satisfaction. The answers to how organizations can achieve both of these goals lies in their shipping data. The problem however, is that often the business-critical shipping data is siloed in too many systems. ERP, WMS, OMS, TMS… the list goes on. These data siloes prevent shippers from properly leveraging their data to make smart shipping decisions.

John Errebo, Enveyo’s Co-Founder and CTO, shares how organizations can improve their shipping data management processes to reduce costs and increase efficiencies in this interview with SupplyChainBrain.

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