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Logistics Modeling and Reporting

Improve efficiency, optimize operations, and start making decisions based on data you can trust.

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Leverage Data to model future changes before making them

Carrier Expansion

Determine which carriers will service you best based on lanes, carriers, agreements, volume, etc

Omnichannel Expansion

Leverage data to determine whether to add a new distribution center or collaborate with a 3PL


Building Expansion

Identify optimal store locations and mitigate risks, ultimately aiding in strategic decision-making for expansion plans

Contract Negotiation

Gain visibility into potential outcomes when onboarding a new carrier in your multi-carrier strategy

Accessorial Optimization

Run logistics models to simulate shifts in volume or carrier selection, assessing how specific accessorial charges and surcharges affect costs

Volume Optimization

Analyze how shifts in shipment volumes would influence cost structures, potentially leading to adjustments in transportation expenses

3PL Sales Modeling

Close deals faster with the ability to model customer data and determine a mutual fit while quickly generating client-facing output

Rule-Based Modeling

Use predefined business rules and conditions to simulate and predict various outcomes

CooperVision Saves More Than $4.7 Million In Parcel Costs

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“Enveyo’s Modeling engine allowed us to make sense of our carrier contract proposals.

The knowledge we gained from Enveyo’s Insights reporting dramatically changed the dynamic of our carrier negotiations. We went from talking blanket percentage discounts to negotiating terms based on our actual shipping patterns, relevant package weights, and service types.”

Jim Fiorino, Director of Distribution at CooperVision

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How Our Predictive Modeling Process Works

Gain flexibility and agility through our self-serve technology, empowering your team to quickly run logistics models and implement real-time adjustments.

1. Data Import

Incorporate your actual shipping data into modeling scenarios so you can measure downstream impact before execution
  • CSV
  • XLS
  • Any flat file format

2. Data Mapping

Set up business rules and run scenarios depending on the inputs or configurations
  • Change carriers
  • Manage rates
  • Manage margin
  • Adjust volume
  • Apply rules
  • And more!

3. Review & Act

Leverage predictive modeling for trusted future decision-making
  • Identify cost-savings or efficiency-enhancing opportunities
  • Utilize trusted data to ensure accurate results
  • Review results with our team of industry experts
  • Implement adjustments promptly

4. Continuous Improvement 

Continue to run different logistics models and scenarios based on the results
  • Refine logistics operations to stay ahead of the competition and drive long-term success
  • In the dynamic market, quickly adapt to change
  • See ongoing growth and innovation in your logistics operations

Own Your Optimization With Data-Driven Logistics Modeling


  • Streamline operations, identify new opportunities, and save costs through logistics modeling scenarios

Improved Efficiency

  • Identify inefficiencies and implement strategies to reduce slow processes while maintaining service levels

Data-Driven Decision-Making

  • Trust the future decisions through unrivaled data quality and real-time models that provide real results

Complete Your Shipping Analytics Software

Whether you need to power-up your supply chain data control tower, diversify your carrier mix, or enhance your freight & parcel audit performance, Enveyo has a solution. We grow with you, at your pace, and can compliment existing systems.


Data transparency and analytics
at your fingertips

Explore Insights


Automate shipping decisions with
multi-carrier shipping software

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Real-time shipment visibility
and customer notifications

Explore Alerting


Ensure accuracy and
carrier accountability

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Logistics Modeling Software Resources

Enveyo’s Modeling engine allowed us to make sense of our carrier contract proposals. We went from talking blanket percentage discounts to negotiating terms based on our actual shipping patterns, relevant package weights, and service types.

Jim FiorinoDirector of Distribution at CooperVision

The best part of our story is the ongoing engagement with Enveyo’s toolset to proactively keep our costs in check. We’ve saved a significant amount of money to date, but the most interesting data points are that we’re growing our business and shipping products to members at a pace that more than triples the growth of our costs in this area.

AnonymousSenior Director, Strategic Sourcing at Managed Healthcare Company

I looked at several well-known systems, and I felt that many of them used antiquated technology and were unable to solve big data problems.

Patrick GillCEO of TackleDirect

Standardizing on Enveyo’s cloud-based platform has given our business enterprise-class stability and agility. We recently migrated 1/3 of our Over The Counter business to a new fulfillment partner. We would not have been able to adopt a new fulfillment partner and move such a significant portion of our business over in such a condensed timeframe on our own.

AnonymousPharmacy OTC & Vendor Management at Managed Healthcare Company

Managed Healthcare Services Provider Leverages Enveyo to Optimize Shipping

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