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How To Keep Pace With Evolving Customer Expectations

Enveyo Co-Founder & CEO, Coby Nilsson, took the stage with fellow industry experts at Manifest 2024

Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, Founder & Host, Let’s Talk Supply Chain
Peter Coratola Jr, CEO & President, EASE Logistics
Farrukh Mahboob, CEO & Founder, PackageX
Coby Nilsson, CEO & Co-Founder, Enveyo
Itamar Zur, CEO & Co-Founder, Veho

CEOs that pay close attention to shipping do so to ensure the overall success and sustainaability of their businesses. Four of these CEOs join the stage to take a deep dive into customer experience, cost efficiency, and the partnerships that are enabling agile and responsive supply chains while reducing disruptions and meeting market demands effectively.

Shipping & Last Mile, Visibility & Digitization, Partnerships & Investing

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