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IWLA 2024 Demo Presentation

Identify Profitable Opportunities Faster and Streamline Customer Billing Configuration

Watch the Demo Presentation to Learn How to:

  • Identify a mutually beneficial 3PL – client relationship through shipment data modeling
  • Generate client-specific, branded rate cards for each prospect
  • Accurately apply margin on all parcel transportation charges, including accessorials
  • Speed up the time from carrier bill received to client invoiced
  • Increase parcel program margin and client satisfaction

Margin is the name of the game for 3PLs. Find out how to achieve complete parcel billing visibility, streamline billing processes, and maximize margin.

"We cannot lose money on parcel. If you miss by a couple of points of margin, you can be upside down on this stuff pretty quickly."

Mike DeFabisCRO, IDS Fulfillment