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Saddle Creek Logistics Services Automates Parcel Analytics & Billing Processes with Enveyo Insights

Enveyo Insights enabled Saddle Creek to speed up internal processes by 77%

Enveyo Solutions Implemented: Insights


Saddle Creek Logistics Services is a leading third-party logistics provider (3PL) specializing in designing and delivering omnichannel logistics solutions for manufacturers, retailers, and e-commerce companies. Saddle Creek takes a solution-based and data-driven approach to serving its clients, using the most advanced operational methods and sophisticated technologies.

Shipping nearly 50 million parcels annually from 54 distribution centers nationwide brings with it great complexity, including the processes surrounding shipping program analytics and parcel billing management. Like many leading 3PLs, Saddle Creek faced challenges in delivering clear shipment program visibility to its growing segment of e-commerce shippers and invoicing clients efficiently.

For 3PLs, parcel analytics and billing are particularly complex. In order to provide specialized programs to support their e-commerce clients’ needs and end consumer demands, 3PLs partner with a variety of parcel carriers. Across those carriers, multiple shipping services at varying rates are used. Additionally, 3PLs often extend their contracted carrier rates to clients, offering market-leading discounts by leveraging their high collective shipping volume. This all holds true for Saddle Creek.

The combination of many carriers, services, customized rate programs, and high data volumes creates challenges for 3PLs like Saddle Creek when it comes to effectively providing visibility into carrier performance data and parcel billing costs.

The parcel team at Saddle Creek wanted to address three primary challenges:

  1. Lack of visibility for Saddle Creek’s clients into parcel carrier performance data and associated costs.
  2. Time-consuming and manual billing processes that resulted in elevated operational overhead and delayed invoicing.
  3. Need to provide comprehensive parcel shipping solutions for clients.

Key Results

  • Fully automated parcel analytics & billing processes, eliminating complex, manual touchpoints
  • Improved internal parcel analytics & billing management by 77%
  • Provided clients with greater visibility into parcel carrier performance data and associated costs
  • Gained new value add for clients & prospects
  • Decreased the amount of time from carrier bill received to client invoiced
  • Reduced business risk through efficient & accurate client invoicing
Time in Transit Dashboard

Saddle Creek sought a shipping optimization software provider with expertise in big data management to streamline and automate their complex parcel analytics and billing processes.


Saddle Creek selected Enveyo Insights as the ideal solution to solve its parcel analytics and billing challenges. The team at Saddle Creek evaluated several key players in the market including software providers and third-party consultants, ultimately selecting Enveyo Insights due to its robust data management platform.

Saddle Creek was looking for a shipping software provider that could:

  • Integrate with any carrier system and Saddle Creek’s internal business systems
  • Deliver a SaaS solution with out-of-the-box functionality as well as flexibility to customize
  • Create rulesets specific to the needs of their business and provide greater visibility into shipment program data
  • Provide a customer-facing portal for Saddle Creek’s clients to access comprehensive parcel shipping data
  • Reduce the amount of time from carrier bill received to client invoiced

“We implemented Enveyo Insights as our parcel analytics tool to offer shippers much-needed transparency into their parcel data and costs,” said Megan Rudolph, Senior Director of Strategic Parcel Operations at Saddle Creek. “With this new functionality, our clients also have visibility into carrier performance, so they can ensure their parcel solution optimizes costs while still meeting the end customer’s delivery expectations.”

Through integration with Saddle Creek’s parcel carrier network and internal Warehouse Management System (WMS), Enveyo Insights powers a Saddle Creek-branded, client-facing portal reporting on parcel shipping data specific to the needs of each client, including:

  • Carrier time in transit
  • Cost per piece by carrier
  • Service & accessorial charges
  • Time from ordered to delivered
  • Delivery exceptions
  • And more

Three internal Saddle Creek teams leverage Enveyo Insights to streamline functional tasks:

  1. The Client Services Team uses Insights to look at comprehensive shipment data to support client business reviews.
  2. The Parcel Billing Team leverages Insights to execute efficient and accurate parcel billing for Saddle Creek clients.
  3. Strategic Parcel Director relies on Insights to review shipment data and overall parcel spend to identify highlights, lowlights, and trends that trigger strategic business conversations.

Steve Congro, Saddle Creek’s Senior Director of Systems stated, “We selected Enveyo Insights because of its ability to support sustainable growth for Saddle Creek. We wanted a solution that would help us offer our clients more competitive options in the industry, and Insights does that for us.”


Implementing Enveyo Insights transformed how Saddle Creek managed its parcel analytics and client billing processes. Prior to Insights, Saddle Creek’s Parcel Billing Team leveraged Microsoft Excel and Access Databases, along with internal, tribal knowledge to generate invoices. This manual and time-consuming process led to increased operational costs and a delay in invoicing clients.

By implementing Insights, Saddle Creek succeeded in speeding up client billing processes by 77% and is now able to invoice clients within days of receiving carrier bills.

Saddle Creek achieved their primary goals through the Insights implementation, including:

  • Providing clients with forward-facing visibility and a comprehensive view of their shipping data
  • Eliminate complex, manual analytics and billing procedures and build a sustainable, software-driven process that supports business growth
  • Reduce business risk through efficient and accurate client invoicing
  • Enable Saddle Creek to offer complete parcel shipping solutions for clients and prospects

Saddle Creek gained security and peace of mind in its new parcel billing process. When published carrier rates shift, Saddle Creek clients remain confident that they are receiving market-leading discounted rates.

Due to Insights’ robust data management platform and the ability to leverage an infinite number of business-specific rulesets, Saddle Creek has confidence in knowing that accurate services, discounts, and rates will be applied to every client, eliminating the risk of carrier billing discrepancies.

Megan Rudolph shared, “A significant benefit of implementing Enveyo Insights is that it provides our internal teams more time to focus on the bigger picture, rather than tactical billing mechanics. Saddle Creek continuously strives to expand parcel shipping solutions for our growing segment of fulfillment clients, and Enveyo helped us deliver that.”

E-commerce brands not only rely on their 3PL partners to pick, pack, and ship their products, they also look for them to be a technology provider. Enveyo Insights enables Saddle Creek to be just that. The software-driven processes that Saddle Creek has implemented through their Insights implementation ensures their organization remains a 3PL industry leader and drives sustainable future growth.

“We’re honored Saddle Creek chose Enveyo to streamline, automate, and enhance shipping program visibility throughout its customer base,” stated Coby Nilsson, Enveyo’s CEO and Co-Founder. “The parcel market continues to grow in its complexity, and we’re excited to support Saddle Creek on their mission to continuously innovate and remain a 3PL industry leader.”

Steve Congro stated, “We selected Enveyo because we wanted a partner, not a vendor. A true partner to us is something that is governed by more than just a contract. We have a mutual desire to see each other succeed.”

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