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3PL Solutions: How GEODIS, Saddle Creek, and NFI Optimize Logistics

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In these mini-case studies, we dive into the journeys of GEODIS, Saddle Creek, and NFI, showcasing the intricacies of their challenges and the unique 3PL solutions provided by Enveyo. From data management and billing processes to analytics and audit automation, these stories highlight the impact of technology in reshaping the 3PL landscape.

3PL Solutions In Action

1. GEODIS’ Success Story

The Challenge:

“As a 3PL, we had challenges with managing our data effectively, re-rating shipments, and creating logic so that we could invoice our customers timely and accurately,” shared Oscar Gladman, Director of Parcel Carrier Development in Americas at GEODIS. 

He continued, “We were really interested in a piece of technology that could support us in doing that, not a team of analysts or consultants. Enveyo was the only company we were able to find in our search.”

GEODIS was looking for a technology provider that could:

  • Support an infinite number of complex business rules, carrier rates, and processes
  • Enable real-time and easy access to a shipping data control tower with customizable dashboards
  • Streamline customer billing management processes by integrating carriers, business systems, and clients
  • Automatically audit carrier performance with extensive reporting on dispute reason, status, and results
  • Scale with GEODIS and their customers’ needs, at their pace

The Solution:

GEODIS selected Enveyo Insights and Audit solutions to enhance their logistics analytics and carrier auditing processes, and enable real-time visibility into business rules, rates, and process changes needed to help their customers succeed in the United States region. 

“By switching to Enveyo, we are now in a place where we feel very comfortable with the accuracy of our data. We can invoice our customers on time, and that drives revenue for our company and increases our cash flow,” stated Gladman.

Staying ahead in the ever-evolving logistics industry requires a strategic blend of innovation, technology, and adaptability. GEODIS’s journey with Enveyo showcases the transformative power of technology in the logistics industry. 

“The market is changing faster than ever before,” Jeff McDermott, EVP of Transportation at GEODIS in Americas, noted. “We look for technology providers who are constantly evolving, enhancing their product, and willing to help us solve new challenges. Enveyo does that for us.” 

GEODIS now has the ability to manage complex business rules, achieve real-time visibility, streamline billing processes, and automate carrier performance audits. 

McDermott explained, “We have a lot of experienced people on our team, so the ability to self-manage things like adding new customers, managing rates, and changing business rules was important to us. Many traditional freight audit companies require that they manage this on their side, so the Enveyo model was very intriguing to us.”

GEODIS expressed confidence in its decision to choose Enveyo, highlighting the day-to-day satisfaction with the partnership. Gladman shared, “On a day-to-day basis, we are very pleased with Enveyo. We feel confident we made the right decision in choosing them as a new provider for GEODIS, and we see this as an opportunity to have a long-lasting relationship that will benefit us both for many years to come.”

Gladman concluded, “We would absolutely recommend Enveyo to other businesses like ours or virtually any company that is shipping packages.”

The GEODIS and Enveyo collaboration is not just a success story; it’s a blueprint for how data-driven technology can drive efficiency, accuracy, and profitability in logistics.

2. Saddle Creek Logistics Services’ Success Story

The Challenge:

Shipping nearly 50 million parcels annually from 54 distribution centers nationwide brings great complexity, including the processes surrounding analytics and parcel billing management. Like many leading 3PLs, Saddle Creek faced challenges in delivering clear visibility and invoices efficiently to its growing segment of e-commerce shippers.

The parcel team at Saddle Creek wanted to address three primary challenges:

  • Lack of visibility for Saddle Creek’s clients into parcel carrier performance data and associated costs
  • Time-consuming and manual billing processes that resulted in elevated operational overhead and delayed invoicing
  • Need to provide comprehensive parcel shipping solutions for clients

“We were looking for a 3PL solution that really had a strong data background and folks that understood big data,” shared Steve Congro, Senior Director of Systems at Saddle Creek Logistics Services.

Saddle Creek sought a logistics optimization software provider with expertise in big data management to streamline and automate their complex parcel analytics and billing processes.

“We did a formal RFP to find the solution for our parcel analytics and billing needs. There are a lot of providers out there, but one thing we found is that each one of the providers was missing something at their core. We wanted to see a fully well-rounded solution.”

The Solution:

Saddle Creek selected Enveyo Insights as the ideal solution to solve its parcel analytics and billing challenges. Megan Rudolph, Senior Director of Strategic Parcel Operations at Saddle Creek, said, “With this new functionality, our clients also have visibility into carrier performance, so they can ensure their parcel solution optimizes costs while still meeting the end customer’s delivery expectations.”

“Enveyo provides our clients with a service that we hadn’t offered before. It allows us to streamline our billing process with clients, and it allows them to have more transparency and visibility to what things make up their bills. They can see their data over a period of time and understand their shipping in a way they never could before,” Congro noted.

3PL Solutions Dashboard

By implementing Insights, Saddle Creek succeeded in speeding up client billing processes by 77% and is now able to invoice clients within days of receiving carrier bills. 

Rudolph shared, “A significant benefit of implementing Enveyo Insights is that it provides our internal teams more time to focus on the bigger picture, rather than tactical billing mechanics. Saddle Creek continuously strives to expand parcel shipping solutions for our growing segment of fulfillment clients, and Enveyo helped us deliver that.” 

Read the case study of how Saddle Creek automated parcel analytics and parcel billing management.

3. NFI’s Success Story

The Challenge:

“We had several challenges in the small parcel space, offering value-added services to our customers, where they’d have full visibility to the billing, auditing, and optimization through their small parcel shipments. Enveyo provided a solution that filled that void perfectly,” noted Steve Syverson, Senior Director of E-commerce Solutions at NFI.

Lacking visibility into cost and performance data makes for manual and time-consuming billing processes. Enveyo’s 3PL solutions enable end-to-end visibility for businesses and their customers, from shipping analytics and automation to consumer delivery experience management and parcel billing management. 3PLs can optimize their billing management process by seamlessly integrating carriers, technology systems, and customers. 

Syverson shared NFI’s solution research process, “We went through a very diligent, lengthy decision process. Looking at many competitors in this space and again, Enveyo was our number one choice based on the level of expertise and knowledge.”

The Solution:

“It’s rare in this technology space where a company exceeds your expectations. I think they undersold themselves. They have done an amazing job. The way they rolled out this project, their attention to detail, and staying on schedule has been fantastic. They have exceeded our expectations on the implementation and project management,” stated Syverson.

NFI leverages Enveyo Insights and Audit solutions to manage order fulfillment, reporting, predictive and prescriptive analytics, carrier performance audits, and customer billing.

Data migration, security concerns, system integrations, and customization requirements can often be barriers to implementation.

Svyerson shared Enveyo’s seamless onboarding process, “The project management of this has been nothing short of spectacular. Their team is so knowledgeable. Their expertise in this space has proven to be second to none. We’re very, very happy. The implementation has been very seamless, and the team is so pleased on our side at NFI.”

Take Initiative

The time for action is now. Here are five ways to get started in writing your success story:

  • Identify Your Challenges: Reflect on the hurdles your 3PL faces—whether in data management, billing processes, or analytics. 
  • Strategize for Growth: Develop a strategic plan and define your objectives for success.
  • Explore Data-Driven 3PL Solutions: As showcased by GEODIS, Saddle Creek, and NFI, technology can be the catalyst for change. Research innovative solutions, like Enveyo’s, that resonate with your business needs.
  • Get Started: Reach out to technology providers and solutions tailored to your business challenges.
  • Create Lasting Partnerships: Recognize the value of strategic collaboration. Choose providers who align with your vision and bring expertise to the table.

3PL giants like GEODIS, Saddle Creek Logistics Services, and NFI overcame complex challenges, streamlined operations, and achieved visibility and efficiency with Enveyo’s 3PL solutions. 

Take action, embrace innovation, and optimize your logistics operations.

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