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Want to Win on Parcel Shipping?

Stop Running on the Hamster Wheel.

4 Steps for a Winning Parcel Shipping Program

Step 1: Get Your Data in Order

Parcel Shipping is Hard.
Data Management is Even Harder.

The data problem. It’s a big one.

The first step to win on parcel shipping is surrendering to the fact that your shipping data knows more about where you suck than you do. Sorry, it’s true.

The complex parcel shipping landscape makes gaining visibility into your entire shipping program difficult. A comprehensive parcel analytics solution built on an enterprise data management platform does the hard work for you. So you don’t have to struggle over one more pivot table.

Enveyo Time in Transit Dashboard

Step 2: Use Your Data to Make Big Decisions

CooperVision Testimonial on Parcel Shipping

Find the Pain.
Stop the Bleeding.

Once you understand where you’re winning and where you’re losing, it’s time to put that data to work and take a look into the future of your parcel shipping program.

Many companies find pockets of their shipping program that need small tweaks. However, without understanding the downstream impact, these small changes could have a significant negative effect on your business.

Don’t re-enter the hamster wheel.

Enabling predictive analytics into your parcel shipping program can help to reduce risk when making adjustments.

Through parcel analytics and predictive modeling, CooperVision saved over $4.7 million in contracted shipping costs.

Step 3: Use Business Logic & Automation to Take Action

Humans Get Fired for Making Mistakes.
Technology Doesn't Make Mistakes.

It isn’t always obvious which carrier and shipping method will be the best choice.

Do you decide based on your cost, time in transit, primary carrier, all of the above?

Once you’ve identified the issues in your parcel shipping program that you want to fix, it’s time to leverage dynamic business logic in an intelligent TMS to ensure the right choice for your business is always made.

Keep your primary carrier revenue bands in tact, satisfy your customers, and win on parcel shipping.

Enveyo Logistics Optimization Software

Step 4: Centralize Your Shipping Tech Stack

Computer with Enveyo Software Screenshot

More is not Always Merrier.
Variety is the Enemy of Efficiency.

So many organizations manage their parcel operations with multiple solutions across their shipping technology stack. This leads to data everywhere and creates a difficult task of making any sense of it.

How many solutions do you use to accomplish these parcel shipping tasks?

  • Manifesting shipments
  • Customer order notifications
  • Logistics reporting & business intelligence
  • Carrier performance auditing
  • Predictive analytics

If you answered more than one, it’s time to re-evaluate your shipping tech stack to centralize and gain efficiency.

By the Numbers


Percentage of consumers who consider availability of 2-day delivery an important factor when choosing to purchase or not.


Percentage of consumers who won't return to shop with a brand after a bad delivery experience.


The number of parcels that Pitney Bowes forecasts will be shipped annually by 2026.

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