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Shipping & Logistics Management Software

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Shipping & Logistics Software Overview

Our cloud-based suite of shipping and logistics management software improves each step of your shipping process — from the moment the order is placed to the moment the package is delivered and beyond. Reduce parcel shipping spend and increase customer satisfaction with Enveyo shipping & logistics management software.

Our comprehensive shipping analytics software provides the data you need to increase efficiency and reduce shipping spend. We give you the ability to see what your data is trying to tell you.

Our logistics optimization modeling engine uses historical data and predictive analytics to determine the long-term effects of process adjustments before you make them.

Our cloud-based TMS leverages your data along with user-defined business rules to choose the optimal shipping service for every package that leaves your warehouse. Eliminate human error by automating the decision process.

Our delivery experience management solution enables real-time shipment notifications to your customers throughout the lifecycle of each package. Increase customer communication, improve brand loyalty, and maximize revenue.

Our parcel audit software monitors the performance of every shipment, compares it to carrier service agreements, and determines refund eligibility. Rest assured that when failures do occur, we’re claiming and collecting refunds on your behalf.


Our easy-to-understand reporting software provides a birds-eye view of your shipping processes, plus it gives you the power to dive deep for more detail. Our shipping & logistics management software easily integrates with your eCommerce, ERP, or WMS software to provide comprehensive analytics.

  • Get a true global view of your logistics environment. Uncover opportunities that traditional tools are unable to identify
  • Compare carrier performance & benchmark against accessible, real world data
  • Negotiate terms based on specific shipping patterns, weights, & service types
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The danger of making adjustments to your shipping processes or carrier agreements using traditional tools is that it’s nearly impossible to factor in all relevant variables. With Enveyo’s Modeling application, you can accurately predict the outcome before the change is made.

  • Predictive Analysis – Gain a highly accurate view of short/long-term impacts of a potential change
  • Optimize adjustments for the greatest long-term gains
  • Make the correct decision, based on data—know the outcome of a potential change prior to making the investment
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When you’re dealing with multiple carriers and hundreds or even thousands of shipments a day, it’s impossible to apply every ruleset to select the best shipping option every time — unless you’re using Cloudroute. Eliminate human error with our parcel TMS software.

  • Optimize shipping costs & increase shipping efficiency
  • Eliminate shipping mistakes caused by human error
  • Execute — take action based on what the data is telling you. Practically apply the information and let Cloudroute do what the data tells it to do
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Improve customer loyalty through real-time, automated shipment notifications throughout the lifecycle of each package. Respond to consumer demand of increased delivery communication with Alerting.

  • Automate real-time email and/or SMS updates to your customers throughout the lifecycle of each package
  • Extend your brand experience with a white-labeled landing page detailing the package’s full history with dynamic product placements & special offers
  • Shipment lifecycle reporting further optimizes your e-commerce shipping operations with a comprehensive view of delivery metrics
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It’s impossible for every carrier to get every shipment right every time. Audit constantly monitors each shipment, compares your carriers’ performance to your agreements, and follows up to get you the credits you deserve.

  • Reduce and reallocate resources & manpower spent on manual audits
  • Hold carriers accountable for contractual obligations — have the peace of mind of knowing that you are getting ALL of your agreed-upon entitlements.
  • Ditch the Gainshare — recover revenue that would have been lost with traditional tools without the vendor split. Don’t allow reactive vendor revenue opportunities influence the right proactive behaviors
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