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Delivery Experience Management Software


Improve Customer Satisfaction & Drive Brand Loyalty

Package Delivery Alerting

Customer delivery experience management has become an essential piece of the e-commerce landscape, as shoppers demand more visibility and consistent communication across the journey of their packages.

Enveyo’s delivery experience management software, Alerting, enables real-time shipment notifications across key milestones of the package’s journey, building trust with your customers and improving brand loyalty.

Shipment notifications on mobile phone
Seamless Communication with Your Customers

Real-Time Notifications

Alerting extends your communication with customers after they hit the place order button.

Throughout the post-purchase journey of every package that leaves your warehouse, Alerting enables seamless and automated communication at key milestones, including:

  • Order creation
  • Order shipped
  • Package out for delivery
  • Delivery delay or exception
  • Package delivered

Each event alert can be sent via email or SMS and is configurable to customize the shipper’s unique messaging & brand styling to create a seamless customer delivery experience 

Extend Your Brand Experience

Multi-Use Landing Pages

Publish a white-labeled landing page for your customers detailing the package’s full status & progress history.

Add dynamic product announcements, social media links, and seasonal offerings to extend your brand experience post-purchase and increase revenue & customer loyalty.

Enveyo Alerting Software
Enveyo Alerting Time in Transit Dashboard
Comprehensive Shipment Reporting

Delivery Optimization

Increase efficiency and save money with detailed, easy-to-use, reporting.

Leverage out-of-the-box or custom dashboards to see what’s happening with every package across your shipping operation.

  • Carrier time in transit
  • Package status overview
  • Total exceptions
  • … and more

Put your data to work and uncover opportunities that help you gain competitive advantage.

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