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Enveyo New Features & Enhancements | April 2022

By April 20, 2022May 18th, 2022No Comments

The latest update to Enveyo shipping optimization software includes one new feature release and two feature enhancements.

1. Single Sign On

A new feature release to Enveyo software enables users to leverage Single Sign On (SSO) functionality with their Google or other SSO account to login to their Enveyo App.

Rather than relying on an Enveyo-specific username/email and password, users can now login to Enveyo using their organization’s authentication/SSO method to gain efficiency and simplify account administration.

Google Single Sign On


2. Rate Group API Endpoints

A new set of API Endpoints has been released for the Enveyo API. These new endpoints allow users to manage shipping Rate Groups using API calls rather than going through the Company Admin screens in the web app.

This new enhancement allows parcel shippers to be more agile in creating and shifting rate groups as business needs change. For example, shippers may need to use one set of rate groups during peak season, on Black Friday, or Cyber Monday versus lower-volume shipping seasons.

For technical details on how to format and make calls to these new API Endpoints, please contact your Enveyo Account Manager or reach out to for Enveyo API documentation.


3. Offset Date Range in Dataset Scheduler

The Dataset Scheduler feature has been enhanced to enable an offset range.

Prior to introducing Offset Date Ranges, users were limited to defining their report’s date range to a period of the last X days. Users now have the ability to indicate how many days offset they want their date range to be for a more specific date selection.

For example, a user can schedule a report to generate shipment data from 3-10 days ago rather than selecting the last 7 days.

The Dataset Scheduler enables users to schedule shipment reports for a defined date range and automatically deliver that report via different methods.

Enveyo’s cloud-based shipping optimization software offers regular new feature releases and enhancements based on client business needs and supply chain market demands. We continuously improve our software so you can continuously optimize your shipping operation.

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