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Enveyo New Features & Enhancements | June 2022

The latest update to Enveyo shipping optimization software includes one new feature release and one feature enhancement.

1. Alerting Email Customizations

Alerting delivery experience management software continues to improve and is now more flexible and dynamic with email creation for your customer’s package delivery alerts.

Beyond customizing the Alerting message and dynamically populating text fields, you can now dynamically populate who the email comes from, the email subject line, and turn on or off an unsubscribe message in the footer based on your email privacy policy and the type of message being sent.

As consumer demands continue to increase for a top-notch delivery experience, this important update helps leading brands deliver.

Alerting package delivery email customization


2. Cloudroute Ruleset API Endpoint

Enveyo’s extremely powerful rules engine now enables users to manage Cloudroute rulesets through an API. This new feature helps users save time and increase efficiency in Cloudroute ruleset management by giving the option to manage rules both via Enveyo’s full-fledged UI as well as via programmatic updates.

For organizations that have a high volume of shipping rules, programmatic control increases flexibility when creating or modifying rules based on conditional logic and data flowing through Cloudroute. This saves users time by shifting ruleset management away from from the Cloudroute UI, especially when multiple rulesets need to be enabled, disabled, or modified at once.

As parcel shipping volume spikes and brands partner with more carriers to deliver an exceptional customer experience, this important update helps organizations gain flexibility in multi-carrier shipping management.


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