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Enveyo New Features & Enhancements | September 2023

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The latest update to Enveyo's logistics optimization software suite includes the release of two new features and five enhancements.

Ruleset Importer

The new Ruleset Importer feature allows Enveyo Insights and Cloudroute users to download a template of existing rulesets, make any desired changes, and upload the new or updated rules.

This new feature enables Enveyo users to quickly and efficiently create new rules or update existing rules both programmatically or via the Enveyo user interface.

For users with a large volume of rulesets, the Ruleset Importer feature eliminates time spent manually creating or appending individual rules.

There are three options available to users for importing rules:

  1. Append to Rulesets
    This option will add and update existing rulesets. If a ruleset ID from the file already exists in the system, it will update the ruleset to match the details from the uploaded file. If a ruleset ID from the file does not already exist in the system, it will create a new ruleset using the details from the uploaded file.
  2. Overwrite
    This option will delete all existing rulesets and replace them with only the rulesets in the uploaded file. This option is ideal for replacing existing rulesets or for keeping a master file of rules that is kept up to date and re-uploaded whenever changes are needed. If the uploaded file is not valid and cannot be processed, existing rulesets are not deleted. The deletion of existing rulesets only occurs if the uploaded file is able to be processed.
  3. Fail on Conflict
    This option is similar to the Append import functionality, but will perform a check to see if any IDs match existing rules before continuing. If an existing ruleset is found, the import is aborted. Fail on Conflict will only create rules if the entire uploaded file would append and not update.
Ruleset Importer_Insights & Cloudroute

Protected Flag for Ruleset Imports

Protected Flag for Ruleset Imports is a powerful enhancement to Enveyo Insights existing functionality of Protected Rulesets. Protected Rulesets allows administrative users the ability to assign access to restricted rulesets only for certain system users to run. Due to data manipulation creating powerful downstream impact, it’s critical that user access be restricted to specific rulesets to keep data from being unintentionally changed.

Protected Flags for Ruleset Imports within Enveyo Insights allows for users to apply specific ruleset access via a file import rather than solely within the Enveyo UI.

Dependent Charts Column & Source Datasets for Dashboards

The Dependent Charts Column is an enhancement to Enveyo Insights that increases visibility into which dashboards and charts will be affected by a change or deletion of its source dataset.

When clicked, the X Charts link will open a window to conveniently show the names and types of the Charts that are using the dataset. This allows users to know if the dataset is used in other reports and easily find the Charts using it based on the source dataset.

The Source Datasets for Dashboards enhancement in Enveyo Insights gives added visibility to the user while working within Dashboards to easily see which source datasets are being used in that Dashboard via an easy-access link.

When users are managing a large volume of datasets, this feature allows users to quickly and easily tell which datasets need to be manipulated in order to update the Dashboard they’re referencing, or further investigate the dataset that’s populating the Dashboard.

Insights_Dependent Charts

Ancillary Mappings Page

Shippers and 3PLs face a wide variety of ancillary shipping charges from carriers like address corrections, additional handling fees and more. These ancillary charges don’t often have a standardized name across carriers, for example, UPS may have a charge called an oversized package, while FedEx may call that same ancillary an extended length surcharge.

The Ancillary Mappings Page within Enveyo Modeling enables the user to control how ancillary charges from carriers are mapped and translated in the system to create a seamless process mapping data and efficiently executing a carrier contract proposal model.

The Ancillary Mappings Page eliminates wasted time manually mapping fields and enables accurate field translations and timely models of carrier proposals.

Modeling_Ancillary Mappings

Reporting Alerts

This new Enveyo feature allows users to configure and receive email alerts specific to a data point exceeding or not reaching a predefined threshold in their reports. This feature is especially useful to increase visibility into shipment costs and performance concerns.

For example, a Reporting Alert can be sent if a shipment cost or service volume spikes above your desired or expected threshold, enabling shippers to catch problems before they become critical, while also enabling more proactive forecasting. Shippers and 3PLs can also be notified if their shipment volume drops below their desired threshold to further investigate the reason for the drop in volume.

3PLs can leverage Reporting Alerts to be alerted on billing management or margin concerns. For example, a 3PL could create a Reporting Alert to be notified if their margin changed significantly based on what they’re billing their customer versus what they’re paying their carriers.

Not having to dig through vast amounts of data to fix a problem is crucial in today’s fast-paced shipping landscape. Reporting Alerts ensures that you always have a pulse on the metrics critical to your operation.

Reporting Alert
Reporting Alert Email
Reporting Alert_Above-Below

Add Shipment Charge Ruleset Action

This new feature to Enveyo Insights enables users to dynamically add a shipment charge to a tracking number.

This feature can be leveraged by 3PLs that are extending their rates to shippers, allowing for a seamless pass-through of carrier charges and accurate invoice creation for the customer.

Additionally, for shippers and 3PLs, the Shipment Charge Ruleset Action feature is valuable in carrier proposal Modeling, to ensure your model is generating like-for-like comparisons, leading to data-driven and trustworthy decision-making.

Insights_Add Shipment Charge

Downloadable Template Mappings

An update to the Mapped Template feature enables users to more quickly map fields by recognizing previous mappings. As carriers, integration partners, or your business introduce new fields, the Downloadable Template Mappings enhancement makes the process of mapping data faster and easier.

Downloadable Template Mappings
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